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Started in the year 1977 , HRandC is the oldest hot rod manufacturer in USA. We have worked with over 40+ manufacturer through the years. Our ” beetle v1″ design is world renowned and receives building orders even today.

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HRandC focuses on quality and affordability. With custom jobs starting at $8000 , we are the most affordable hot rod building company in the market.

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Welcome to Hot Rods and Classics. Make yourself at home at our dealerships! We strive to please.

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How to Properly Store Your Classic Car

Getting a classic car is only on half of the equation which balances once you have the proper parking and storage space for it. All collectors require more classic car storage options sometimes for more extended periods. So what to do when you absolutely need to store your classic, but you also need your garage for your SUV? The answer to one of the biggest puzzles for car collectors can be found at any modern auto shop – the car lift. Learn how this works and what options are available for you later on but first, how to prepare your classic before lift-off?

Take these steps to ensure that you are keeping your classic in the best shape before lifting it for storage.

Full tank, please

Moisture builds up in the tank and causes corrosion because the tank is empty in the first place. When prepping your car for storage on a home car lift, the fuller, the better and the extra weight is totally worth it. As you might already be aware, fuel can harden with long periods of storage and so a fuel stabilizer will prevent this from happening to your classic.

An oil change will do

Changing your oil before storage is a good practice that will also help to avoid corrosion. Used oil can promote rusting. Longtime storage requires that you remove the spark plugs and properly lubricate cylinders.

Wash the car!

Storing a dirty car is a taboo for collectors of classics. Washing the vehicle removes debris and reduces the risk of unwanted visitors (pests) entering the vehicle. If you like you can place an air freshener in the car to mask any odors that might tend to stick.

Inflate the tires

Tire are some of the most sensitive parts of the car that can easily get damaged every time you store for lengthy periods. Tire pressure lessens the extent of the damage especially when the vehicle is to be stored resting on its tires on the floor. Further, a car lift will relieve the weight of the tires which helps preserve the tires. These can be expensive to replace each and every time. Be sure to fill the tires to the recommended tire pressure before lifting your car for storage.

Check battery and fluid levels

Another part to check and which you might need to replace next time is the battery batteries discharge without being used and may sulfate over time. An essential addition to your garage or the storage unit is a battery tender to keep it running for longer. The fluid levels should be within permissible limits if you plan on driving the car come next outing.

Get a car lift to store your classic properly


We understand classic car storage options to keep your collectibles looking better than when you found them for as long as you need. Of course, you can rent a luxury storage unit for your pricey rides but why would you want to do that when your garage can double as your storage unit and your everyday garage? Get a car lift today and preserve your collectibles in the same limited space and in tip-top shape. You get to keep your cars beautiful and with top performance as they appreciate in value.

8 Important Things You Should Check On Your Car Regularly


Whether you use your car often or not, it is essential to take care of it. Maintaining your vehicle will ensure it serves you for long without major issues. Simple maintenance problems can lead to injuries or accidents. Hence, always ensure you have your car checked regularly. Below are important things you should check on a vehicle often.

8 Vital Things you should check on your car often

1. Coolant

One important thing you should never ignore to check is the coolant. Coolant ensures your car runs appropriately since some temperatures might be hard on your vehicle. Always ensure you have the right levels of the fluid before you start your car.

2. Power steering fluid

People who have had problems with the power steering know the benefit of checking the fluid. Without the fluid, the steering can fail. It becomes hard to move and to control your car. Just like other essential fluids, you should always check the power steering fluid regularly.


3. Oil

Most people know the advantages of checking the car oil, but very few keep their word. If you are running your car without checking the oil, many things may go wrong. Happily, it is possible to check the oil on your own. You can pull the dipstick to see the oil level. To be on the safe side, change the oil regularly as advised by the mechanic. Changing the oil is one of the most critical procedures you should never miss.

4. Brakes

Do not wait for your brake pads to give you a signal to change them. Getting the brakes of your car checked often by a qualified mechanic can keep you and your family safe on the road. Remember you depend on the brakes to prevent an accident or to stop your car.

5. Tire pressure

Most of the car problems are flat tires. And by checking the tire pressure, you can prevent having a flat tire or more significant problems. Fortunately, a tire pressure gauge is an inexpensive tool that is so easy to use.

6. Tire Tread

Tire pressure is not the only thing to check on your car tires. The other important thing to pay attention to is the tire tread. Remember you depend on the tread to give you traction while on the road. Low tire treads can cause a blowout or slip on the way resulting to the accident.

7. Air filter

A blocked air filter can lead to high fuel consumption. Also, it is not good for your car engine. Happily, it is affordable to have the filter checked and changed. Hence, make it a routine to check the air filter more often.


8. Transmission fluid

No one would wish to have the transmission failing while on the road. Hence, ensure the transmission level is always on the scale.


Those are the most important things you need to check so that you can enjoy driving your car. There are other things to check that include lights and the alignment. It is affordable, and you can save time when you check these critical parts of the car.