5 Excellent Ideas To Market Your Flower Business on Instagram

Are you an Instagram user who uses the platform for advertising your floral company and florist website? If this is the case, you have taken a positive step! According to a report, 84% of consumers are willing to purchase a product or service after seeing a video.


Instagram offers five (!) distinct methods to utilize videos to grow your business and build relationships with your customers. Understanding when and how to use various types of videos is critical to successfully marketing a flower business.

5 Ideas To Use For Your Instagram Flower Business

1. Florists’ Instagram Videos

When a client is browsing through Instagram, too many static photos might become boring, so videos are critical. Bear in mind that these movies will be visible on your profile stream.


Because Instagram videos, seen without sound, captions are an effective method to convey your message. There are various apps and services available for uploading movies and adding text, music, & stickers!

2. Utilize Instagram TV to Educate Your Floral Customers

IGTV is available as a standalone app and as a feature within Instagram. IGTV is accessible through your business’s Instagram page, often known as your channel. With videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, there is plenty of flexibility to construct a tutorial or kick off a course. Make better use of this feature and buy IGTV likes to attract customers and expand your business growth.

3. Keeping it Reel

Reels are a great way to share unscripted, spontaneous footage in 15-second bursts. They are akin to Tik Tok, which specializes in brevity and entertainment. Being honest and spontaneous will pique the interest of your audience. Consider dividing your 15-second video into five 3-second segments and get more reels views for Instagram. This functionality is available for any public account and can help you expand your client base.


4. Taking the Stage!

What you see is what you will receive! You should demonstrate who you are, what you stand for, & what you do on Instagram Live! Instagram Live videos are authentic at the moment, as there is no possibility for retakes or pre-recording. This feature is an excellent method to promote new flower orders and explain how to put together bouquets! Demonstrate to your consumers that you take pride in your job by displaying your creative surroundings. When you constantly use Instagram Live, your traffic will rise, and your consumers will gain trust in your business!

5. Use Instagram Stories to tell a narrative!

Instagram stories serve as small advertisements. Unless otherwise noted on your profile, these tales expire after 24 hours. These are excellent approaches to communicate with your audience concisely and straightforwardly. Utilizing videos on your Instagram story to promote a promotion, new product, or sale will help build anticipation for the big reveal. The addition of polls, questionnaires, and votes increases the possibility for consumer involvement.


It’s never too late to experiment with incorporating various videos into your business’s marketing plan. Utilizing the marketing tools at your disposal and being current on marketing trends can help you maintain contact with your consumers.

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