5 Must-Use Instagram Marketing Hacks To Build Your Brand Popular

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Why use Instagram for marketing? Instagram is a powerful marketing platform that allows marketers to connect with customers worldwide. Nearly 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and 95 million photos, videos are shared every day. Request your followers to post their photos or videos to you with mention of your branded hashtag. People are actively following brands on Instagram by enjoying discovering and purchasing products. Instagram keeps extending, making it more beneficial to traders and e-commerce businesses, especially if they have products with a clear visual appeal.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing helps users to launch new products and grow brand awareness to the people. Instagram allows you to build your brand and approach followers strategically. With more than one billion active users on the platform, it’s a great channel for entrepreneurs looking to grow organically.

From UGC contests you get extra exposure that makes it easier for you to track your competitors. Make your products more worthy by including your branded hashtags to increase your popularity.

How Do I Promote My Business On Instagram?

  • Creative Content 
  • Hashtags
  • Publish Stories
  • Setup An Instagram Shop
  • Collaboration With Influencers

Listed below are some tips of Instagram hacks to make your brand more popular and get more followers.

1. Creative Content 

Frequency and consistency are powerful keys to successful Instagram marketing. While posting photos or videos regularly, your brand presence gets more strength. You should find your audience engaging time and post high-quality content at that time. 32.7% of Instagram users are between 20 to 36 years old, followed by 22.99% of users who are 18 to 20 years old. You must know your target audience’s gender, age, and location and plan out your content strategy. Businesses can use reels to inspire viewers, launch product teasers, post-user-generated content, and show behind-the-scenes content.

A lot of features are available on Instagram to create elegant content for your followers. Use the latest filters, emojis, record your voice for reels, gifs to create videos on Instagram. Create your video using trending audio on Instagram which relates to your content. While posting content on Instagram, try to use trending and relevant hashtags for your product. 

Always keep an eye on your competitors and follow them to find the trending videos on Instagram. You need to check the explore page regularly to know the trending videos and photos on Instagram. Use Instagram insights to analyze the audience’s engagement time, views of photos or videos, audience age, gender, and also find the device they use to come to your page.  You could also be able to see the information about your users, including:

  • Users activity, determine peak posting times
  • Number of followers 
  • Where your followers live
  • Recent growth trends

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the crucial way for your business to organically reach a new audience all over the world. When creating a hashtag, it’s important to choose a hashtag that is unique to your brand, it can be your business name, or a phrase specific to a marketing campaign. 

When people use hashtags to search on Instagram, they’ll be taken to all the public posts tagged with that hashtag. Different types of hashtags are available to expand your reach.

a)Branded Hashtags:

Marketers should have their own branded hashtags to place the hashtag in their profile, add it to all posts, and encourage users to attach it to any posts they are sharing user-generated content.  

b)Location Hashtags:

When you add your location to your profile or post, it helps to drive more traffic from your nearby locations. While local people in your surroundings search on Instagram using a specific location tag, such as ‘coffee shop near me ‘, all the coffee shops are listed in that area. Location Tag can reach your business worldwide and get you relevant traffic.

c)Timely Hashtags:

You should utilize all the right times for selling products on Instagram such as newyear, Christmas. Seasonal festivals and current events can make great hashtags to boost website traffic with guest post service and make your brand more popular. Users are always likely to be searching for content that’s relevant right now, so take advantage of a few hashtags. 

3. Publish Stories

Instagram stories are short-lived photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours or highlight your story to live on forever. While creating multiple highlights, add different names for each highlight and you can edit at any time. This makes it easier for viewers to identify the exact content. Showcase your user-generated content in stories to get more followers on Instagram. Users are happy to see their content featured on your site if you care enough about them.  

Using poll stickers to get feedback will help to generate immediate social proof. Instagram stories offer brands a broad way to reach out and engage with customers. 

Businesses can add product tags on Instagram Stories, which further streamlines your marketing strategy. The real-time option is Instagram live, start your live session at any time or any place with your mobile or desktop. Can talk about a specific topic, Q&As, or interview a featured guest or influencer. You could get more ideas from your followers and help to create future content. Once the live session ends, you have to set it in your regular stories. 

4. Setup An Instagram Shop

Instagram now provides product tags and product stickers for all business profiles to add specific product details. Lets visitors tap on a product in a story or post to get more information about that product and head to the site to purchase it. The features available in Instagram shops are,

  • Shoppable Stories
  • Shoppable posts
  • In-app checkout
  • Influencer tagging
  • Explore Shop

Instagram allows brands to tag products in stories or posts, and potential customers to purchase them without using a link in their bio. This feature solves Instagram’s marketing challenge of inserting links to a post. More convenient for users to easily click the link and buy a product. Instagram offers shoppable ads for browsing and buying in the app. It also provides detailed reports for entrepreneurs and creators, refined audience targeting, scalable pricing, and easy-to-use self-service ad creation.

Adding an Instagram sales channel in your Shopify store makes the purchase easier for users. Marketers can embed an Instagram gallery on their website to create a full integration. Your Instagram page has more chances to get traffic from your website, see reviews on Instagram, and be encouraged to purchase through product tags.

5. Collaboration With Influencers

An influencer is someone who has millions of followers and a reputation around a specific niche on Instagram. Approach them to be brand ambassadors for your business because they have a highly trusted and engaged audience on their page. Influencers will share your product on their post in exchange for experiences, money, or free products. 

Differentiate influencers depend on their follower count on an Instagram page, between 1K-10K followers are nano-influencers and mega- influencers having more than one million followers.

Identify micro-influencers by searching your business-related hashtags on the explore page and find productive users. You have to reach out to specific influencers and request them for collaboration. The influencers ask for a fee to collaborate on your product depending on their popularity and followers count. Some of the influencers will be happy to advertise your product in return for a freebie and some cross-promotion. 

Approaching influencers for collaboration is important for all new businesses to make people aware of your brand. 


Implementing the above-given Instagram marketing tips helps you to utilize all the Instagram features for eventually increased sales, maximized exposure, and improving brand awareness. Business pages can access Instagram insights to know about your on-platform performance. Using Instagram analytics, you are able to see the important metrics like number of clicks, the total number of profile visits, the number of unique accounts that see your page. You can also know about the total impressions of your post, number of views on your stories, the performance of every post including engagement and impressions. High-quality content is key to a successful Instagram marketing Hacks and brand promotion campaign.