How Could Brands Make The Most Of Hashtag Challenges

Posted byRoy Turner Posted onAugust 25, 2022 Comments0

Are you new to the hashtag challenges on TikTok? No worries! Hashtag challenge is a trending activity that inspires TikTok users to create their own videos with the concept. With branded hashtag challenges, users on TikTok can create unique, engaging content that enhances the opportunity for brands to grow in an authentic way.

Moreover, creating TikTok challenges enhances thousands of user-generated content with millions of views for your videos. As a result, there is an increase in your brand awareness with greater engagement.

What Are Branded Hashtag Challenges?

If you want to experience extraordinary growth across the TikTok platform, publish a video with a sponsored hashtag to get a response from your TikTok community. Engaging video with branded hashtags lets creative users make and share the same video content on their own differently. 

While doing so, the number of TikTok users narrating your brand increases daily with your branded hashtags. Thus, branded hashtag challenges are a sure-shot way to get views on TikTok content followed by consistent audience interaction. Running a hashtag challenge is definitely an ideal way to increase audience engagement and gain loyal users.

Do Hashtag Challenges Drive More Results?

Definitely yes! People on TikTok get a greater chance to find your content on the Discover page which drives huge brand reach among your target audiences. With the use of branded hashtags, the popularity of your business goes higher and encourages audiences to make direct contact in enquiring about your products. Therefore, the increase in UGC videos on your brand inspires other users to recreate your content.

Tips To Run TikTok Challenges For Brands

Since the use of TikTok is increasing rapidly, it encourages more brands to use their marketing plan to grow their authentic community. Get to know some tips that help:

#1. Make It Authentic

When your video content remains natural, the audiences participating in the TikTok challenges increase by creating an authentic community for your brand. The concept of your video should match your brand and product, thus maintaining a good relationship. Never force your audiences to participate in the challenge. Everything needs to be natural!

#2. Think Like A Audience

Your branded hashtag challenge gets authentic partnership with users only when you maintain a trustworthy relationship. It is better to provide some offers on your products when they take part in your challenges. When people find that they will get offers in participating in your challenge, it gains enormous engagement with massive exposure to your brand.

#3. Come Up With Trends

While creating content with your idea, take a glance at the content creation of your TikTok community. Go with the For You page and identify the popular trends that match your brand. Then, start to use the concept in your hashtag challenges to gain more leads.

#4. Use Creative Sounds

The main pillar of your TikTok videos is the music and sound effects. Use those trending songs or music in your TikTok challenges to attract new audiences. The energetic music helps to engage your audiences and increases the chances to participate in your challenge.

#5. Make Enjoyable Content

TikTok’s aim is to bring joy and enhance creativity. When picking up a visual effect on your video, take your content to your target audiences in a fun way. It is recommended to use branded effects or dramatic transformation themes for brands on TikTok to enhance a better audience experience.

#6. Keep It Short

TikTok users will show interest in joining your challenge only when it is easily accessible. More audiences will involve in the video if it contains a low barrier to entry. So, if you want to increase your brand visibility, it is advised to keep your videos short and easy to copy.


Set up a successful branded hashtag challenge with creative content to engage your TikTok community.  TikTok challenges with more entertaining and authentic content increase your brand awareness on the vast platform. To run a successful challenge, go with the above tips to get your audience’s attention.