How To Create An Instagram Account For Your Brand Visibility?

Posted byRoy Turner Posted onMay 19, 2023 Comments0

The first Instagram photo ever posted was of a stray puppy Kevin Systrom had spotted in Mexico in 2010. With millions of users who value originality and creativity, Instagram has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a hashtag-free, raw photo sharing app.

Due to the platform’s visual nature, attracting new followers can be accomplished by developing a style that stands out from the crowd.

Brand voice definition

According to a recent study by Marq, 68 percent of businesses surveyed attribute 10-20 percent or more of their sales increase to consistent branding across all channels. Brand voice includes your target demographic, core values, and the emotions you want consumers to associate with your company.

Identify your target market

Since they will be the ones really consuming your Instagram material, your intended audience can provide valuable insight into the style you should go for. How you portray your business voice on Instagram depends on a variety of elements, such as your target audience’s age, gender, and location. For instance, Instagram users of different ages have very different habits and preferences.

Users of Generation Z are more interested in interactive and informative material that has been customised for them by an algorithm. While those of a more mature generation, such as Generation X, tend to fill their feeds with updates from friends and people they select to follow.

If you know who you’re talking to, you can tailor your content to them. Post engaging, instructive images if you want to attract members of Generation Z. Ben & Jerry’s feed is a great example of this method of visual design.

Share your beliefs

Brand values and mission statements may not seem to have much to do with aesthetics, but incorporating them into your social media presence helps establish credibility and trust with your audience.

Think about the products or services your brand offers and the customers you hope to attract. Brands that aim to appeal to young people may, for example, establish an Instagram style that emphasises bold colours, quirky typography, and current trends like a throwback to the ’00s.

However, sustainability firms tend to be on the opposite end of the spectrum, opting for a “clean” style reminiscent of minimalist values by employing earthy tones and simplistic graphics.

Design a logo that represents you.

Instagram’s predominance of visual content makes a brand’s visual identity crucial. In addition, it is the first thing that people who follow you will notice when they visit your profile.

Think about the colours you’re using

When you open an Instagram profile, the splash of colour is the first thing you’ll likely notice. The colours you choose for your brand help your audience recognise you and respond to what you have to say. Picking a colour scheme that fits with your brand is essential since it determines the overall tone of your feed and the decisions you make about the images and text you use.

Bring order and peace into your life

Have you ever tried to scroll through a particularly active Instagram feed, only to find that it hurt your eyes? Avoid this problem and keep your followers engaged for longer by using colour harmony and focal point balance. This strategy results in a more aesthetically pleasant appearance and facilitates the smooth navigation of the viewer’s sight through the portrayed content. It also serves to draw attention to your products.

Make your feed more pleasant to look at by:

Switching between different content levels (brief and lengthy)
Keeping your feed from becoming overwhelming by spreading out posts that contain text.
Having a consistent colour between posts makes it easier on the eyes.
Experimenting with desaturated or black and white photographs to anchor more colourful ones.

Correct your work like a pro

Develop your photo editing skills to create material that is both engaging and impossible to miss on Instagram, where even the “unedited” aesthetics trend requires work. Maintaining a consistent aesthetic and a polished feed requires regular editing.
There is not a single blur or crooked corner to be found; the lines are all crisp and the lighting is spot on.

Premade filters and straightforward sliders in editing programmes like VSCO, Canva, and A Colour Story let you tweak everything from exposure to grain with a few clicks.

Take advantage of current trends

You can make Instagram trends work for your aesthetic if you modify them to fit your target demographic, voice, and brand’s visual identity. Creators who capitalise on trends to make content are frequently highlighted on Instagram’s Explore page, where it receives extensive exposure. The Explore section serves as a hub for discovering new content and attracting new followers.
Maintain a unified style on Instagram.

Keeping your Instagram profile, including Stories and Reels, consistent can help your fans recognise your content when they see it in their feeds. Then, make sure they return by sticking to a regular posting schedule.

Organise your feed in advance

If you want your Instagram photos to look beautiful together in a grid, don’t just post them and hope for the best. It’ll be easier to keep everything uniform, keep the flow of colour looking good, and create equilibrium. Instagram users can swiftly scroll through your feed without having to adjust their eyes to any jarring changes in colour scheme or sudden insertions of text.

Feeds can be planned in advance with the use of template tools like Preview. It’s easy to find the optimal composition by uploading many pictures simultaneously and then rearranging them. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of your final feed, you may upload securely.

Timetabled Updates

With scheduled publishing, you’ll never have to worry about posting the wrong image and derailing your feed’s planning or posting the same image twice by accident. Scheduling your posts is useful for your aesthetic, and it also helps you get followers because it ensures that your brand remains in sync with Instagram’s algorithm.