Tips For Organising A Winning Instagram Contest Or Giveaway

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The benefits of holding an Instagram contest are numerous.

An Instagram post requesting a user action as a means of entry into a giveaway for a free product or prize is often the first step in an Instagram giveaway or contest. Exciting the public about your brand in this way may increase exposure and interaction with it, sometimes significantly.

Amass a larger fan base.

In order to enter a contest hosted by a major company, customers must first follow that brand on Instagram. In this method, you may increase both your Instagram followers and the number of people who enter your contest without doing anything else. Expect to see an increase in entries from new and existing followers alike as word of your offer spreads.

Create more interest

Instagram contests may boost engagement not only on the post announcing the offer, but on all of your posts. The algorithm will begin to show your content to even more people after it determines that it is receiving much higher levels of interaction than normal.

Boost exposure and impact.

Your Instagram giveaway may do the same for your brand’s exposure. Your followers are more likely to see your material if they interact with your giveaway posts. The more people who see and engage with your material, the more likely it is that it will appear at the top of their feeds.

Instagram Contest Varieties

There are typically five different kinds of Instagram freebies that companies may run. In this article, we’ll explain how each option functions and why you would want to use it.

Like, comment, and follow

To enter an Instagram contest, one of the most common actions is to like the photo advertising the contest, write a comment, and follow the account.

Mention a pal

Looking to increase awareness of your Instagram competition? Get others to enter by having them tag a friend! Users can increase their chances of winning by tagging as many friends as they like.

This will result in more individuals entering the contest and tagging their own friends, spreading the word about your promotion and company. A tag-a-friend Instagram contest is another way to get your followers involved in deciding who should win a gift.

Material created by users

Making an Instagram contest based on the idea of collecting user-generated content (UGC) to post online might be a terrific method to organise such a campaign.

So that you can simply access all of the submissions in one location, ask your audience to upload a photo on their feed using a unique branded hashtag or tagging your business.


As we said before, working with a competing company to provide prizes for your giveaways is another strategy to attract a larger audience. In this approach, the audiences of all participating firms may discover new, complementary products and walk away with a more valuable gift.

Instagram’s Story Format

Instagram competitions are great for building relationships with your followers, but they also serve a practical purpose for your brand’s Instagram marketing strategy as a whole.

Organizing a successful Instagram contest in 6 easy stages

Instagram giveaways are a great way to get more interaction and new followers, but only if done correctly. Use this as a guideline before announcing the winner(s) of your next contest or giving event.

1.Determine the purpose of your Instagram giveaway

How you answer this question will decide the specifics of your Instagram giveaway. Keep in mind your final aim or target at all times when preparing the contest to ensure that your actions are well-informed by that purpose.

2. Set a price range and determine incentives

The following stage is to determine your available funds and the size of the prize or prize package that you can afford to give away for free. If this is your first contest, you may want to test the waters with a smaller reward and build from there.

3. Organize and launch your Instagram contest or giveaway

A second question: will your campaign make use of a hashtag? Making use of a unique hashtag for your campaign that isn’t already in use is a great way to get people talking about it. In this way, you can easily distinguish contest submissions from other mentions of your business online.

4. Create the assets for your campaign.

The next step is to create campaign assets to publicise your Instagram competition. This will help you advertise it in your email newsletter, on your website, and other channels, and it will also attract new fans.

5. Evaluate the success of your contest entries

Pay special attention to the number of individuals entering your contest, the number of inquiries you receive, and the number of relevant entries you receive using the giveaway hashtag.

Create reports on your hashtag and keyword usage, follower count, engagement rate, and more using a social media management platform like Sprout Social.

Transform Instagram contest participants into paying clients

Get more people to follow you on Instagram, more people to interact with you on the platform, and, most importantly, more people to buy from you by hosting your own giveaways. When you show your goods to new individuals, you increase the odds that they will try your brand for the first time and buy from you.