Instagram: Posting Guide For Computer Users

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Instagram on PC: Detailed Guide to Posting

Knowing how to upload photos to Instagram from a computer is useful in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a post but don’t have access to your phone. To get started, just read the detailed instructions below.

1. Access

To begin uploading photos to Instagram from your desktop, head over to and sign in.

2. Select the plus sign

After logging into Instagram on a computer, the next step is to click the + sign in the upper right corner to create a new post. The + sign needs to go in between the message and compass symbols.

3. To do this, follow these steps

When you click the plus sign, a new window will open where you may browse and pick pictures from your computer’s hard drive, documents, and downloads by clicking the “select from computer” option.

4. Picture Retouching

After uploading a photo from your computer, you can modify it in several ways. You have the option of using various filters, cropping, or not editing your photo at all.

5. Insert Keywords and Text

After you’ve finished with the photo editing, you may add a description, pinpoint the location, and/or tag individuals.

6. Change the parameters when necessary

Modify the post’s parameters as necessary. You have control over many aspects of how and where it is shared. The location, caption, and tags may all be modified.

7. Select the Share button

After you’ve finished uploading and editing your photo and are satisfied with the results, you may publish your post for your followers to view.

When you’re done, you may quickly and easily check the mobile view on your phone.

Uploading Videos to Instagram on a Computer

Now that you know how to upload photos from a computer to Instagram, we’ll go through the steps for doing the same with videos. sharing videos to Instagram from a computer is quite similar to sharing photos, but if you need a walkthrough, here you go:

1. Access (1).

The first step in uploading videos to Instagram from a computer is to visit the Instagram website.

2. Select the plus sign

Once you’ve signed in and are ready to upload a video, head to the top right of the screen and click the + sign. Between the message and navigation icons is where you’ll find the + sign.

3. To do this, follow these steps

The “Select from Computer” button should appear on a new page when you click the plus sign. If you click that link, your computer will load all the videos it has and you may pick one to upload.

4. Get your video ready

Using Instagram’s integration with Spotify, you may add a wide variety of songs to make it more interesting. You should probably pick a cover photo, too. In addition to keeping your feed looking nice, this also gives you the opportunity to give your profile a more clickable title and summary.

5. Insert Keywords and Text

After you’ve altered the video to your satisfaction, you may share it online and customise it with a description, location, and tags. Disabling comments is also an option.

6. Change the parameters when necessary

Alter the post as necessary and adjust any other settings. You may edit the description, move it, and add labels.

7. Share this page

After the movie has been prepared and edited, you need just to click the share button. That’s all there is to it if you want to upload a video to Instagram from your laptop.

Using the Instagram for PC extension to upload photos and videos

Using the Chrome extension is another option for uploading photos to Instagram from a computer.

1. Install the add-on on Chrome

  1. The first step is to add the Instagram extension for Chrome on your computer. To install the extension, go to the Chrome Web Store, type “Extension for Instagram,” and finally, click “Add to Chrome.” This add-on allows you to not only download images but also movies.
  2. Then, after installing the add-on, log inTo access your Instagram account after installing the Chrome extension, just click the extension’s icon in the browser’s address bar.Step
  3. Select the plus sign:Log in to Instagram, then head to the profile’s profile page and hit the plus sign. Between the message and navigation icons is where you’ll find the + sign. The image you wish to upload will open in a new window, where you may make your selection.
  4. Picture Retouching:You may modify your post and apply filters once you’ve chosen the photo you wish to share. You may customise your post with a caption, location, and tags. Turning off comments is an option in the more sophisticated settings.

  1. Share:You’re all set to upload to your Instagram account once you’ve finished editing your photo and writing a description.

Instagram PC Posting Alternatives

Photos and videos may be uploaded to Instagram from a computer, however Instagram Stories, Instagram Ads, IGTV, and Reels cannot. Live videos also cannot be initiated from a computer. You can only upload photographs and videos to Instagram on your computer. But you can still handle most of your company’s Instagram needs without ever leaving your desk.

There may not be a way to update your Instagram story from a desktop computer just now, but who knows what the future may bring?