Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Story Highlights

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Have a memorable Instagram post that you wish could be preserved indefinitely? Emphasise that! You’ve definitely seen them floating around your favourite social media stars’ and influencers’ Instagram feeds. You may have even given them a try on your own.

Instagram Stories highlights may be easily and effectively included into any social media marketing campaign, regardless of your specific niche.

You may utilise Instagram marketing to your advantage by drawing more attention to your profile through the usage of highlights. Take advantage of this key distinction between Instagram and other social networking sites like LinkedIn and Snapchat.

In this article, you’ll find detailed instructions for making and using highlights on Instagram for professional purposes.

Please take into consideration that the specific instructions for your Android or iPhone may vary. If you want the best results from the Instagram app, you should use the most recent version.

Instagram Highlights: What Are They?

Highlights on Instagram are similar to Stories, only they are permanently shown on your profile. These Stories will stay accessible via your company profile page, even after 24 hours have passed.

You can organise your highlights by creating collections based on common themes, such as locations visited, types of food enjoyed, or people you’ve spent time with.

Your Instagram profile will thereafter feature these curated selections. A user can see all of the highlighted Stories you’ve added to a collection by clicking on the cover image for that collection.

Instagram Highlights: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram highlights may be made and saved in TWO different ways.

The First Choice:

  • Make your own Instagram tale.
  • The ‘Send To’ button can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate field.
  • Select ‘Your Story’ or ‘Close Friends Only’ to determine the audience for your posts.

After making your selection, you’ll see a “Add to Highlight” button appear. (Don’t stress if you forget this. The Story will always be accessible via the ‘Highlight’ button once it has been uploaded.
To add the Story to a Highlight, either select one from your library or create a new one. (Hint: The names of your Instagram Highlights will appear on your profile, so give them snappy titles.)
Your profile will be highlighted as soon as you log in.

Including a Cover Photo in Instagram Highlights

It’s easy to add your Instagram highlight covers now if you forgot to do so before:

Navigate to your account on Instagram.
Highlight anything you wish to change, then press and hold.
Go to Tools > Edit Highlight.
Just pick “Edit Cover”
Select a story from the Highlight to serve as the featured image.

Highlights: How to Add Them on Instagram

Users often wonder how to store Instagram highlights, but it’s much the same as creating Instagram Highlights (explained above) to add new Stories to existing highlights.

To include a NEW photo or Story in your Instagram highlight:

Launch Instagram and go to the Stories tab.
Select the appropriate picture by clicking on it.
Set up your Instagram Tale (with all the emojis, hashtags, and stickers you could ever want!)
Select ‘Your Story’ or ‘Close Friends Only’ from the ‘Send To’ drop-down menu.
After doing so, the ‘Add to Highlight’ button should appear (first image below).
Modifying Your Instagram Feed’s Highlights

Your most recent Instagram posts will appear at the top of your profile, followed by your other Highlights.

If you want to feature a recent Instagram Story (or one from your Archives) in your ‘Food’ highlight, for instance, you can do so by adding it to that highlight today.

We would love it if you could alter the highlights on your Instagram profile, but you can’t do that right now.

You can reorganise your Instagram highlights by adding a new Story (either brand new or fresh to the highlight) to a certain highlight. And the changed order will stick even if you remove that story from the highlight right away.

Four Instagram Story Suggestions for Professional Use

Not sure how to make Instagram highlights represent your brand? Listed here are six of our top suggestions.

Allow Quick Access to Vital Company Data

You can easily add details like prices and new features to your Instagram highlights!

This is especially crucial if your company is just starting out and you haven’t set up a website.

Exhibit Positive Feedback from Real Customers
Highlight the excellent feedback you’ve received from your customers. In-depth information about your business will be available to your followers and profile visitors.

Showcase Key Elements of Your Business or Personal Life

This is a fantastic tool for bloggers and influencers who write about a wide variety of topics. Want to know where to begin?

It’s worth considering fitness, food, friends, travel, beauty, fashion, and the home as potential categories for Instagram highlights.

Incorporate Instagram Shop’s Functions into Instagram Highlights

Feature items by including them in a “Fashion Finds” or “Shop Favourites” collection.

Get people to tap on the link in your Smart.bio or on your profile’s swipe up menu.

In the world of e-commerce and affiliate marketing, this feature is invaluable.

Describe unique experiences and travels

Add Instagram Stories to a separate Highlight to look back on your travels or special events.

The Colorado Adventure, A Date with Harry Potter, and My Sister’s Wedding are all examples. You can broadcast your most treasured recollections to your whole fan base.

Display Your Values Highlight the many efforts and causes your company backs to show what you stand for. Black Lives Matter! and the mental health awareness movement are two recent examples.

This is a fantastic approach to give your followers easy access to a centralised repository of information on these subjects.