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While more than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, companies only accounted for 31% of the most popular Instagram stories. Only half of companies, however, post more than one story per month, making story-based marketing a novel technique that may completely transform your Instagram strategy.

Introduce Your Brand

Since the finest conversations usually begin with “hello,” every company that wants to connect with its target audience should start by introducing itself on Instagram.

I suggest keeping your brand’s introduction tale as a “moment” as your Instagram profile will continually expose new individuals to your brand. If you do this, anybody who visits your profile on Instagram will be able to see the story you’ve pinned there.

Present Your Group

Customers are growing more and more interested in the inner workings of the companies they support; presenting your employees via Instagram is a terrific method to establish a human and relatable rapport with these individuals. Team introductions give clients with knowledge they can take away with them, whether you want to do so through weekly posts highlighting a member’s successes or hilarious video tours of your workplace. This will increase your long-term sales income and client retention rates. Customers will have a greater appreciation for the wonderful folks they are helping to assist with their purchases.

Promote Your Products or Services

Instagram stories often feature product or service spotlights. You can get a lot of marketing mileage out of stories like this, as they are easy to put together yet incredibly successful at converting clients.

All you need are some great product images and some interesting captions (between 10 and 50 characters) to put up a product or service highlight. Your highlight should also include a call to action, such as a limited-time offer, a discount code, or a preview of a brand-new product.

Make a vote tally on Instagram

The images I’ve used as samples in this article are only the beginning of what you can achieve with Instagram Stories. Using a poll to ask your audience questions is a simple but effective technique to increase participation.

In Instagram’s “edit story” interface, choose the “poll” option from the sticker list to make a poll. This will open a ‘yes/no’ box where you may input your question and revise the responses. You may then publish the poll in the same way as Tentsile has in the example below, as a regular story, and compile the results using the’seen by’ icon on your article.

Instagram polls are a fun way to interact with your audience and learn more about them at the same time. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to tailor your Instagram posts to the interests, demographics, and behaviour of your individual followers.

Give Recognition

Since Instagram is dominated by organic material, influencers, companies, and regular users can all compete on an equitable playing field. This implies that your fans, influencers, and competing companies may engage in two-way interactions with you.

Make Instagram TV Shows

Instagram TV (IGTV) video creation is a great strategy for reaching a wider audience on Instagram, as IGTV posts are shown in a much more prominent position on the ‘explore’ tab than standard posts. With your own mini-YouTube channel, you can introduce your business to a whole new demographic.

Display Well-known Waypoints

Including location indicators in your Instagram stories helps boost interaction rates for businesses of all sizes.

Post ‘Swipe Up’ content

Take use of ‘Swipe Up’ postings if you want to boost short-term sales, launch a new product, or attract followers to your customer education.

Swipe Up posts are exactly what they sound like: they are posts that activate a link when the user swipes up on the post. Instagram Business Account holders with at least 10,000 followers may see these posts, making them available only to well-established firms.

Disseminate Nuggets of Information

I have no doubt that your company possesses a great deal of valuable information; therefore, I urge you to utilise Instagram to disseminate the wisdom of your professionals to the world at large.

Berenika Teter, a marketing expert, says that creating high-quality content proactively for the benefit of your audience is the greatest method to drive organic interaction. Newsworthy stories (those with significance, timeliness, an emphasis on people, and relevance) also fall into this category, as can original research, expert opinion, shareable infographics, and so on.

Make Pretty Backgrounds

The aesthetic choice is the last one. Posting aesthetically pleasant items, such as backgrounds, has long been a successful tactic on Instagram.