10 Instagram Tips To Increase Your Account Visibility

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There have been several updates to Instagram’s algorithm. Consequently, Instagram users need to stay up-to-date on the newest best practises to stay competitive in a sea of other accounts, but it may be difficult and time-consuming to sift through the abundance of information available online. We’ve compiled hundreds of tried-and-true Instagram hacks and techniques to increase your exposure and build your audience, such as:

  • Implementing a Hashtag Policy
  • Establishing a visual identity for your company on Instagram Posing questions in your Instagram posts to stimulate discussion
  • Sharing your Instagram content with other artists
  • Making Instagram Stories that Users Can Interact With
  • Sharing a wide range of material in a variety of post formats
  • Telling true stories
  • Using the impact of video…the list goes on

Instagram: How to Raise Your Follower Count

Craftswoman Shoots Instagram Video

Increasing one’s Instagram following takes more than just posting aesthetically pleasing images on a regular basis and peppering them with a few current hashtags. Modern Instagram users need to understand how their Reels’ exposure will change, how often they should post, and how to create Stories that will interest their followers.

There isn’t a silver bullet that can guarantee success for your company on Instagram. Instead, try out different Instagram tips and tricks to see what works best for your audience, then double down on that. Instagram advertisements, influencer marketing, Instagram Live video, Instagram Stories with interactive features, and other Instagram “hacks” are commonly used by the most successful firms to cater to the diverse interests and preferences of their audience.

You may design a plan that is unique to your brand and extremely engaging to your audience by putting the Instagram hacks below to the test and analysing the outcomes.

Value Excellence Above Quantity

Some say that the greatest way to increase your Instagram following is to publish many times per week or even once per day. That’s possible, but only if you always post excellent material. Visibility can be negatively affected if part of your material is exceptional and extremely relevant to your audience, while other pieces receive little to no attention. If you find that blogging once a week allows you to produce your best work, then stick to that plan.

Make More Video Game Reels

Instagram has recently placed a greater emphasis on video, highlighting the relatively new feature Reels. Since these films are memorable, easy to take in, and widely shared on the platform, they may do wonders for your exposure. Posting Reels did, in fact, result in higher interaction and followers, according to a case study conducted by Hootsuite. Nonetheless, the number and quality of Reels available to a given audience also matter.

Use your insights as a guide

If you want to see how your Instagram account is doing in terms of reach, visit its Insights at least once a week. Think about what you’ve shared this week and how it could affect your account’s exposure if you see a sudden drop or increase in reach.

Improve Your Hashtag Methodology

Find out how to maximise the impact of your Instagram posts by mastering the art of hashtag usage. To increase the amount of people who see your postings, you may, for instance, look up related hashtags using phrases from your sector. Hashtags added to Stories and Reels might be useful as well.

Determine the Ideal Posting Times

Instagram posts published during peak times may get more viewers than those published at off-peak times. Take use of Instagram Insights to find out when your target audience is most active on the platform. Schedule your posts in advance using an auto-scheduler if you need to.

Share Regularly

Instagram, like most other social media sites, gives more attention to active accounts. A consistent publishing schedule can also help build trust with your readers. If you want to keep your Instagram feed interesting, scheduling posts in advance using a content calendar might help.

Boost Successful Jobs

Using Instagram’s boost function is most effective for popular posts. If you want more people to see your Instagram post, you may spend a certain amount to promote it. You may assume that your material already has a winning formula for Instagram if it is receiving a lot of likes and comments, and that it will likely do even better if you give it a boost. Find out how to give an Instagram post a boost.

Share your work on posts and videos with others.

Collages on Instagram are a new feature. When you tag another user in a post or Reel, they’ll see it in their feeds as well. In essence, this allows you to tap into the audiences of both you and your colleague, expanding your reach. In the preferences, before you upload a post or Reel, you may select a collaborator.

Make Use of Geotags

In the same way that hashtags identify a particular topic, geotags identify a specific location. Including geotags in your posts connects them to others written about the same area, expanding their potential audience. In the post’s settings, include geotags. Instagram even lets you make your own geotags!

Add Alt Text to All Your Posts

Because they provide context for images used in screen readers and other accessibility features, alt tags are vital to search engine optimisation. Not everyone is aware that they may make their Instagram photos more accessible by including alt tags. To edit a picture’s alt tag, go to Advanced Settings after uploading the image.