Instagram Video Features To Create Engaging Content

Reels, IGTV, Live, Stories, & video posts are all options for Instagram video. There’s a lot to wrangle with the platform’s growth of video. But it’s also given marketers new methods to tell tales and reach out to their audiences.

Different Instagram Video Features

Instagram Reels

Instagram’s newest video format is Reels. These 15-30 second films, inspired by TikTok, may be made with Instagram’s camera or uploaded via the Photo Library. Scheduled text, AR effects, green screen mode, timing and speed options, & accessibility to an audio library are among the recording effects. Users’ feed, the Reels tab, and a unique profile tab display reels recorded in vertical portrait style (9:16). 


Reels can incorporate captions, hashtags, and, most recently, product tags, just like feed videos. Incorporating these correctly in your content would help acquire greater engagement. The other way is to buy Instagram reels likes for your profile, which increases engagement and trust among your audience. People can interact with Reels in Stories and direct messages by commenting, liking, or sharing them.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

Instagram’s IGTV format is for in-feed videos longer than 60 seconds and can last up to 60 minutes. IGTV should be pre-recorded & published from the camera roll, unlike shorter in-feed video posts. To elevate IGTV engagement, you have to design captivating content. Also, check the best site to buy IGTV Views.


Before releasing an IGTV video, artists can add it to a series and customize the cover photo. Creators can choose whether or not to post a 15-seconds preview to the feed. IGTV videos display under a separate tab on a user’s profile, where series could categorize them in either case.


In the Explore tab, IGTV clips have additional space and a separate area. Videos start playing where they appear, and they line up one after another. Viewers of IGTV videos can interact with them in typical ways, such as with comments, likes, saves, & shares.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a 15-second film that expires after 24 hours, inspired by Snapchat. Stories may be created by swiping the home screen or selecting Stories from the plus icon. They could also be retrieved from the Photo Library and posted. Retired Stories, preserved to a person’s profile’s Highlights section located above the grid. 


Filters, emoticons, tags, and stickers are among the interactive components applied to each Story. According to Instagram, several firms have developed innovative ways to employ these capabilities, ranging from “this or that” surveys to Q&As or even product tags.

Instagram Feed Video

Instagram’s in-feed video format is the app’s initial video format. Like photographs, you could create video posts: using the Instagram built-in camera or publishing from the Photo Library. You could include Boomerangs and GIFs in the three-to-six-second video length requirement for in-feed video.


An Instagram video can have a filter, location, description, user, area, and product tags, just like an image post. When posted, people engage with comments, likes, & posting public videos in Story & direct messages after posting. A camcorder icon on the top right corner of people’s profiles helps identify the video posts.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows users to stream video from their phone’s built-in camera. With everything going remote this year, marketers have taken to Instagram Live to organize workshops, interviews, and other events, resulting in a 70% spike in views during February and March.


Swiping right or pressing the plus icon & switching to Live will start a live broadcast. One or two profiles can conduct live feeds that run up to four hours. When a profile goes live, a Live icon appears at the top of the Stories bar. Live videos could be preserved to Instagram TV or posted for 30 days once finished and before erased.


I hope this article helps understand better usage of video features to craft engaging content.

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