How To Leverage Hashtags To Stand Out On Instagram?

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Gaining a substantial Instagram following might feel like a full-time occupation.

Now that Instagram includes IGTV, Live Stories, and Reels, hashtags may feel antiquated.

To the point that you could be wondering, “Should I still use hashtags on Instagram?”

To put it simply, yeah.

Putting hashtags to work for your company might help you reach more people and expand your audience.

Hashtags on Instagram: What Are They?

To use a hashtag, simply preface the appropriate keyword with the hash (#) sign. Hashtags are used by businesses on social media to make their content more discoverable.

Hashtags are limited to a maximum of 30 characters, with no blanks, periods, or other symbols allowed. Hashtags can only be made up of letters, numbers, and emoji.

Instagram users may increase their content’s visibility by using hashtags in a number of different ways.

Hashtags allow users to browse related information by simply clicking on the tag. Instagrammers may now track hashtags in the same way they track other accounts.

Instagram Hashtag Categories

Hashtag acronyms are shortened versions of frequent phrases. Some popular hashtagged social media posts include “outfit of the day,” “woman crush wednesday,” and “throwback thursday.”
Daily hashtags: Several hashtags, such as #SundayFunday and #WineWednesday, are devoted to particular days of the week.
Instagram hashtags allow for the use of emojis, although most other social media platforms do not. You may make this inventive hashtag out of emojis alone, or you can mix in some words and/or numbers.
Hashtags for certain industries or communities: Instagram is home to several online subcultures whose members share a passion for one or more topics. Hashtags like “#FoodiesofInstagram” or “#PhotographersofNewYork” can help you locate them.
Geotagged location posts and Stories can also make use of location hashtags. Hashtags for places might simply be the name of the place, like #Chicago, or they can include additional information, like #BikeAtlanta.
Specialised hashtags Such as “#bloggers,” “#torontochef,” or “#motivationalquotes” indicate that you are addressing a specific audience or topic.
Hashtags for your product (or service): Use hashtags like #backpack, #skincare, and #lifecoach to describe the goods and services you provide.
Hashtags for special occasions or times of year can be used to draw attention to content related to a particular holiday, such as #nationaldonutday or #valentine’sday. Hashtags like #WinterWonderland and #SummerVacation are great examples of seasonal hashtags.

How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Company’s Success?

Business hashtags should always begin with the target market.

Relevant hashtags may start to surface as you refine your target demographic.

Check the profiles of your current followers to check if they are active in any given hashtag conversation.

Promotional Hashtags for Businesses: Best Methods

There are appropriate and inappropriate uses of hashtags, just like any other kind of advertising.

Hashtag campaigns, when executed properly, may expand your Instagram reach and solidify your place in the market.

Some guidelines for effective Instagram hashtag use are as follows:

Avoid overusing hashtags. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, whereas Instagram Stories only allow 10. However, overusing hashtags might make your post look like spam. All accounts, regardless of format, tend to use between one and three hashtags every post or story. The optimal number of hashtags for companies, according to several authorities, is 11.
Have short hashtags. The best hashtags are brief and simple to understand. If they are too complicated, consumers won’t bother to click on them. According to the data, the optimal length for a hashtag is between 21 and 24 characters. Words and sentences can be made more readable by using capital letters.
Create your own unique hashtags and use branded hashtags. You should use trending or popular hashtags, but you should also be resourceful in finding less crowded ones. To further boost customer participation with your company, consider coming up with original hashtags.
Swap up your hashtags a bit. It may be convenient to recycle the same hashtags, but Instagram may view this as spammy. If you want to use the most relevant hashtags consistently, you should try to vary at least one or two of them in each post.
Do your homework. Hashtag campaigns, like SEO, are only as good as the amount of prep work you put into them. Maintaining concentration is crucial. When you have the chance, try to be more explicit. It’s possible that distinct segments of your client base may require separate hashtags.
Get a range of hashtag sizes. Include hashtags with varying numbers of followers when making a list of hashtags to use in marketing your business. You may mix and match hashtags with millions of postings with those with only a few thousand.

Last Words

Instagram is a great way to get your name out there and connect with potential new clients.

In example, using the most effective hashtags for company allows you to expand the reach of your marketing efforts to a more specific and engaged audience.