How To Promote Your Business With Instagram And Online Video In Just 15 Seconds

Posted byRoy Turner Posted onApril 3, 2023 Comments0

Even if using online video to promote your small company isn’t novel, the platform’s latest addition makes it an intriguing option. With Instagram’s new personalised video feature, users can record short films (15 seconds or less) about whatever interests them.

While filming an Instagram video, time management is key, but imagination has no constraints.

Obviously, internet video marketing for your small company is of special interest to you, but you may be wondering, “How can anyone successfully promote anything in just 15 seconds?”

1. Highlight Your Offering:

Can you sell the benefits of working with your company in under a minute and a half? If so, make a recording! Create a movie that shows consumers how they can benefit from using your product or service. This will allow you to boast about the benefits your business offers over the competition.

2. Get a Contest Started:

Increasing the involvement of viewers is a key objective of online video advertising. Your small company should think about holding a sweepstakes using a predetermined hashtag. Get your customers to make a film of them using your product in an unorthodox manner or an interesting setting. The winner of the video contest might receive a certificate of achievement and some kind of token of gratitude (like a price reduction on future services or a free t-shirt) from the business.

3. Draw Attention to Your Office:

Marketing with online videos doesn’t just have to be about the product or service you’re selling. Does your company have a cool workspace? Does everyone get into the festive spirit and wear costumes? Making a quick “day in the life” custom film via Instagram is a great way to promote your company’s creative employee customs and the unique way in which your employees’ workspaces have been decorated.

4. Inspire Client Feedback:

Satisfied customers may be the fuel that drives word-of-mouth marketing. Inspire your clients to document their positive experience with your company by making a personalised film. In today’s “Let me Google that” society, positive evaluations and comments are more important than ever.

Promoting your social media platforms like Instagram can help you gain exposure without breaking the bank. Do you have any other suggestions for internet video promotion that won’t break the bank? Do you agree or disagree? Share your views below!