An Ultimate Guide To Reach Global Audience On TikTok

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An enormous number of people watch videos on TikTok. The number of people who use it has surpassed a billion as of January 2022, so it’s only natural that you’d like to get as much out of them as possible.
The number of people who see and interact with your TikTok content can be increased by focusing on either a global or a regional audience.

When trying to promote content on TikTok, why is it so hard to attract viewers in other countries?

TikTok will prioritise your local content when you first sign up. Videos in your native language, created by local artists, will be displayed.

Because the platform prioritises its suggestions in accordance with your location, it can easily detect and bypass VPNs. In this way, it won’t immediately begin promoting your content or altering your feed recommendations just because you logged in from a different location using a VPN.

The phone number you provided when signing up for TikTok is also used to tailor recommendations. This is why many VPN services stop working after an account has been created. There is a common complaint that this issue is more common on iPhones.

Reaching a Global or Country-Specific TikTok Audience

Reaching people outside of your country can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You can try some of these shortcuts.
These are simple to use, but over time they will alter your profile’s algorithm, exposing your work to viewers in more countries and increasing the likelihood that you’ll be recommended content from foreign producers.

Expect slow progress when following these guidelines

  • It’s important to use hashtags written in the language of the country you’re trying to reach. If you’re posting from Germany but you want to attract followers, you should use English tags.
  • Make sure all of the video’s subtitles and on-screen text are in the same language.
  • Any dialogue included in your videos should be dubbed in the target language.
  • Join in on the trending TikTok challenges happening in your destination nation right now.
  • Creators and influencers from your target countries should be actively engaged with (liked, followed, and commented on) as soon as they are discovered on TikTok. Your account’s target demographic should align with theirs.
  • Use the translated keywords to find the content in the target language.
  • Make sure you are communicating in the target language by updating your account settings.
  • You can adjust the location settings on your phone.
  • To sum up, you need to know your local audience inside and out so you can create content that resonates with them. This includes learning about their viewing habits, language skills, preferred content creators, preferred tags, favourite memes, and more.

TikTok’s Global Audience: More Radical Methods of Influence

If your phone’s SIM card is associated with a specific region, it can provide precise location information. Here’s how to get around it:

  • Retrieve your SIM card from your mobile device.
  • The best virtual private network (VPN) for your mobile device is the one you choose to download. Here we’ll use Express VPN as an illustration.
  • Pick the place you want to go in step 3. Take the city of Paris, France, as an example.
  • Choose the same area in your phone’s settings.
  • Replace the TikTok app with a newer version by deleting it and re-uploading it. Get it going.
  • If TikTok hasn’t already detected your language and set it to French for you, step 6.
  • Seven, sign up for TikTok.
  • If you already have an account, try making several videos in a “new” place while using French for your captions, hashtags, and video content. All content must be written in English.
  • Make the video public and then wait.
  • These measures are most effective if taken at the outset, when registering for a TikTok account. Users, however, have suggested that this strategy may also work for an already existing account, albeit with more effort. Be regular (duh!) with your video uploads using this method.

Allow you to sidestep the intelligent filters used by TikTok

A further approach is very similar to the one just discussed, but it is even more extreme.

  • Get yourself a virtual private network app for your new phone (just bought or rebooted).
  • TikTok can be downloaded from the app store on your phone if you change the settings to the appropriate country. If necessary, you should also update your location in the app store.
  • Put in an application for TikTok. We recommend starting fresh with a new account. The system ought to determine the country mechanically.
  • Put up a video with the subtitles and tags in the foreign language.
  • Your intended audience should be able to find it.

There are other options, such as getting a temporary phone number from a country you plan to visit specifically for the purpose of opening this account, or buying a SIM card pre-loaded with a local number. The latter, however, could cause issues in the event that TikTok ever requests a verification code to be sent to this phone.

In Conclusiveness

TikTok is a global platform, so reaching an international audience is possible, albeit challenging. Remember that your videos’ content must be specifically designed for the viewers you intend to reach. All these technical hoops may or may not be effective, but if the content is not relevant to the target audience, then the effort will be wasted.