Affordable social media marketing resources for local companies

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Nearly half of the planet’s total population of 7.7 billion uses at least one social networking site. That’s around 45.5% of the global population. It’s a question of time until that half becomes a quarter, and then a quarter becomes a complete.

There will be many advantages to using social media in the coming decade, but you will miss out on them if you don’t start using them now. It goes without saying that in a market of this magnitude, every company should have a social media presence.

The issue is that social media platforms do not come cheap. While creating an account is completely free of charge, ongoing maintenance fees will apply. An excessive investment of time and energy is essential to maintain the level of interest necessary to generate sales. One that tiny companies just can’t afford to think about.

It’s reasonable if joining social media presents difficulties if your company is one of the 400 million SMEs. You may get over these difficulties with the use of several low-cost and free social networking tools found on the internet. Social networking may be made easier and cheaper with the aid of these technologies.

Yes. The use of these technologies would still need the expertise of professionals in fields such as social media management, content creation, and media buying. However, these resources have the potential to aid your team in completing tasks more quickly, cheaply, and easily.

Look at our selection of low-priced social networking resources right now:


Developing a strong brand identity is crucial to gaining a sizable following on social media. Consistency in presentation is greatly aided by well-considered choices in logos, colour palettes, and typefaces. BrandCrowd is a one-stop shop for all your logo design needs, so you can use it to spruce up your profile with professional graphics.

Imagine you’ve just opened up shop as a tiny soap manufacturer and you’re looking for a way to promote your new venture. Considering how challenging it is to construct a website, much alone an ecommerce platform, at launch, social network profiles provide a simple and inexpensive alternative.

A well-optimized social media presence is essential if you want your material to attract followers and likes. You’ll want to include a logo, a banner, and a clear call to action. The next step is your postings, which may be anything from text to media.

The social tools on BrandCrowd are ready for action. Images for Facebook advertisements, Twitter updates, Instagram stories, and more may all be made on its website. The completed product will then be available for a small fee to download.

Google’s Trends

For insight into the level of interest in particular search terms on Google, check out Google Trends.

Users can put in a search subject to get started. Then, Google Trends will produce useful information like the interest over a certain time period, interest by nation, or interest by city. It also lists related material and search terms.

Those working in advertising will find this information very helpful. For instance, let’s say you own a candle business in your native nation. If you type “candles” into Google Trends, you can see where the topic comes up most often. Your advertisements will then be more relevant to people in that area.


For this reason (copyright) you should look for a place online that provides free, high-quality photographs, as opposed to taking them from random places on the web. For this, there is only one place to go: Unsplash.

Many of the pictures in its archive can be used commercially in any context. In addition, unlike other stock picture websites that require users to provide sensitive information like a credit card number or social media account ID, their content is incredibly simple to download.

Free picture downloads are available to anybody, regardless of membership in Unsplash. Finding the perfect picture is as simple as doing a search and looking through the results. After that, simply click the “Download free” option at the top of the image to save your royalty-free photo to your computer.

Adobe Spark

When it comes to making promotional materials, Adobe Spark is the way to go. It’s not easy to pick up at first, but once you do, you’ll be able to whip up breathtaking visuals in no time.

The problem is that you have to pay to use this programme. There is a free version that allows you to test the waters and see whether the service is right for you before shelling out any cash.

The site will assist you in realising your artistic dreams. It’s a versatile platform where one can make practically anything. You may create everything from newsletters to newspapers to flyers to business cards to posters to digital postings to movies and more.

Finally, Spark is beginner-friendly since it is less complicated to pick up than other professional Adobe programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.


Google created this app specifically for manipulating photos. It’s inevitable that businesses will need to improve their photo quality, and Snapseed is up to the task.

With Snapseed, you may modify your raster images. It has simple features that even a newbie can use to adjust brightness, crop off unflattering parts of the picture, and adjust the image’s alignment.

It also contains some sophisticated editing tools, such as the option to selectively delete an element. Then you may enlarge the picture and alter your stature as well.

If you want to sell things online but don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer, Snapseed is the greatest free tool for you. It just takes two things: a white cloth for a backdrop and your smartphone, and the resulting photos will seem like they were taken in a professional studio.

You can make the white backdrop in your photos look more professional by using Snapseed. Moreover, an HDR button is included, which may dramatically alter the image’s contrast and brightness with a single click.