An Ultimate Guide For TikTok Content Categories

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If you’re worried about getting lost in TikTok’s sea of 1 billion monthly users in search of your target demographic, don’t be. The great thing about this app, however, is that it fosters the growth of communities of people who share common interests, whether those interests are professional, personal, or otherwise.

Brands can connect with highly specific subsets of consumers by forming strategic partnerships with content creators and delivering hyper-personalized messages.


Exactly what is this thing called AdviceTok?
If you need help figuring out your life, getting unstuck, or just need someone to listen, AdviceTok is the place to go. Advice can range from the profound, such as how to deal with burnout or have a fulfilling relationship, to the humorous, such as the old wives’ tale about how putting honey on a pimple will make it go away.

Promotion of AdviceTok

Brands can reach a wide audience on AdviceTok by advertising products that address a specific need in people’s lives. A company selling planners might team up with a creator who gives out career or organisational tips, while a skincare company might team up with a creator who reviews the best products to use for various skin types.


Explain to me what ArtTok is.
Original sound sped up to perfection by @tylerjburke #art #painting #fyp #arttok
Visual artists can connect with one another and their audiences on ArtTok, where they can upload and share videos of their creative processes in order to promote their work, inform and inspire their followers, and relax their audiences. ArtTok welcomes artists of all stripes, whether their forte lies in traditional or digital media, or three-dimensional forms.

Public relations for ArtTok

ArtTok creators are a natural fit for companies selling art supplies and hobby stores looking to promote their wares. However, that doesn’t preclude participation from any other brands. All that’s required is a little bit of imagination, and ArtTok is the perfect platform for that.


What exactly is this BeautyTok thing?
When it comes to skincare, makeup, hair care, and a fabulous mani/pedi, BeautyTok is where it’s at. Visitors to BeautyTok can find everything they need to look and feel beautiful, from how-to guides and product reviews to casual “get ready with me” (#GRWM) content.

Like many other TikTok communities, BeautyTok is divided into numerous sub-communities.


What’s more!
BeautyTok creators work with IPSY, a monthly beauty product subscription service, to market IPSY’s Glam Bags. With so many new products arriving on a regular basis, creators frequently upload “unboxing” videos, “what’s in my bag?” analyses, and “how much money did I save using IPSY?” calculations to their channels.


To begin, let’s define BookTok.
BookTok is a community where bookworms can discover their next great read and where they can share their enthusiasm for the written word with like-minded individuals. BookTok provides general reading recommendations, while subreddits such as #CookBookTok, #ThrillerTok, and #NonFicTok help you narrow your search for specific types of fiction and nonfiction.

Promote Books on BookTok

Creators can increase visibility and book sales by forming strategic alliances with publishers, bookstores, and even niche services (like book clubs). Consider the programme Book of the Month. Together with BookTok authors, this service promotes a monthly book subscription in which customers can select an affordable title to have delivered to their door. To further encourage posting and allow them to track their results, Book of the Month provides them with affiliate links.


A definition of CookTok would be helpful.
CookTok is a social network for amateur and professional cooks alike, and it should not be confused with BookTok or CookBookTok. They upload videos in which they demonstrate how to cook various dishes, distribute recipes, and comment on the efforts of other chefs. Many of the same people who make videos for CookTok also upload to #RecipeTok.

Market promotion for the CookTok

While companies in the food, cookbook, and kitchen appliance industries are a natural fit for CookTok’s creators, other companies can and should get on board as well.

Campbell’s, the well-known soup company, needed to raise awareness of their new FlavorUp! cooking concentrates when they were released, so they reached out to CookTok creators to demonstrate how they use the flavourings to enhance their usual dishes.


Explain DanceTok to me.
Since dances on TikTok are so popular, it stands to reason that there would be an entire community devoted to them. DanceTok never fails to entertain because both pros and amateurs use it to experiment with new dance styles and showcase their abilities.

Promoter of DanceApp

Creators on DanceTok can collaborate with any company, be it an athletic wear manufacturer, a recording studio, or a music label looking to promote brands latest arrivals.


Just what is this DIYTok thing, anyway?
DIYTok is a platform where creators can showcase their work and instruct their audience, much like ArtTok. While ArtTok is more concerned with the fine arts, DIYTok covers a wide range of topics, from crafting and home improvement to furniture making.

Using DIYTok for advertising

If you sell hardware, art supplies, educational materials, or anything else related to DIY, DIYTok is a great place to find creators to collaborate with! The HTV Ront brand of heat-transfer vinyl, for instance, collaborated with makers to demonstrate the versatility of the material.

Last Words

There’s bound to be a group of people who share your interests on TikTok, whether they be in the realm of flora and fauna, the silver screen, or something else entirely. Consequently, this is excellent news for marketers who want to get their messages in front of enthusiastic (and specific) audiences.

To that end, why delay any longer? The time has come to join a TikTok subreddit.