An Ultimate Guide For TikTok Filters & Effects

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If you want to add some pzazz to your videos on TikTok, you may be wondering what the greatest filters and effects are.

This article features a compilation of 15 of the most popular TikTok overlays and filters. The use of these transitions and effects will give your videos a professional edge and make them to appear on wider audience

To top it all off, we’ll examine methods for locating and applying these video modifications through hands-on examples.

What are these “TikTok filters” anyway?

The filters on TikTok are extremely similar to the filters on Instagram. They are applied to videos to alter the mood and tone. There are four default categories for TikTok filters: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. There are various colour options available for each group.

The effects of using TikTok are described

Do you wish to enjoy making videos on TikTok and to unleash your imagination? Make use of TikTok’s special effects. TikTok effects allow you to quickly and easily alter the visual style of your movies. 

Filters in TikTok only alter the tone and hue of your videos. Nevertheless, video effects allow you to do even more with your creations.

Trending, New, Interactive, Editing, Beauty, Funny, and World are the most popular subcategories on TikTok. (Before beginning recording, you’ll need to decide the effects you wish to employ.)
There are further post-recording effects available for use in modifying your videos.

This visual effect can be used after the video has been recorded to alter its appearance. You may use this effect to make your films look like they’re filled with stars, rain, or bubbles.
Add stickers to your videos using this effect. Keep in mind that you can only use 1 sticker effect at a time.
Video transitions can be repeated by tapping the effect repeatedly. It allows you to manipulate the video in a number of ways, including zooming in and rotating.
Using Split, you may cut your videos into collages of as much as nine individual frames.
Time: It’s got time-warp potential. The video can be played backwards, looped, or slowed down with this effect.

Here are the top four filters on TikTok to utilise.

The truth is that the best times may be had using TikTok effects. In terms of effects, you can literally pick and choose from hundreds of different possibilities. Most TikTok filters look the same. Yet even so, I still think you should check out these TikTok filters.

Photographic Capture Mode F3

The video is brightened with this filter. The effect is to brighten any previously dark sections of your video. Check out Portrait F3 if you want to boost the contrast and warmth of your videos. You’ll notice that your movie takes on a bluish hue as a result of using this filter.

In the S5 Camera’s Portrait Mode

Portrait S5 is a great choice if you want your film to have a dramatic feel. This filter will darken your movie and increase the contrast between bright and dark areas. Make your video more dramatic with this filter.

Vibe V1

You may achieve a terrific dark aesthetic in your videos by using the Vibe V1’s signature retro, charcoal effect. Get yourself a copy of Vibe V1 if you want your video to have a vintage, silent film vibe.

Vibe V6

For the record, this is my go-to TikTok filter. Your footage will have a mystical purple hue after applying this filter. The filter instantly makes your video look like it was shot in front of a purple light bulb, making you look warmer. Vibe V6 is the way to go if you want your video to look like you’re having a party.

Top Five TikTok Filters

Have a look at these recommended TikTok filters.

Green Screening

When it comes to TikTok effects, this is among the top choices. The background of your video can be altered with this effect. TikTok comes with a few pre-installed background options. As an alternative, you can utilise an image from your gallery as your green screen backdrop.

Flux-time scan

This week, the Time Warp Scan filter on TikTok became an instant hit. Any image displayed on the screen will be distorted due to this effect’s primary characteristic. The Time Warp Scan effect is very much like that of a panoramic photograph. A blue line scrolls horizontally or vertically over the display, pausing the action whenever it touches the screen.


This is a fantastic TikTok filter. The use of this effect can give your videos a groovy disco vibe. Check out Disco if you want your video to appear as though it were filmed at a dance.


Using this power, you can duplicate yourself three times. Keep in mind that there will be no variation in the activity performed by the three, making it ideal for choreography. Most users of TikTok rely on this effect when taking part in the app’s popular dance challenges.

2nd Trisection

With this effect, you can separate the screen into several regions, each displaying a distinct portion of the film. There are nine possible partitions from which to choose. All the characters in each segment will be doing the same thing, just like the trio effect.

Learn the ins and outs of making your own TikTok Filter.

With “Effect House,” TikTok-specific software, a filter can be created and used. But, you’ll need some knowledge of programming and augmented reality. Aside from installing the programme, importing your assets (photos, 3D models, films, or audio files), and utilising nodes will allow you to create a dynamic effect.


This article has covered a few of the most often used filters and effects available on the video sharing platform TikTok. Adding filters and effects to your movies is a great way to give them character and make your videos stand out.

Gaining more TikTok fans requires providing content that people can’t stop watching. Get off on the right foot with the various filters and effects available on TikTok.