13 Common TikTok Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted byRoy Turner Posted onMarch 7, 2023 Comments0

In 2022, the popularity of the short-form video site TikTok skyrocketed among Generation Z and younger users, and the company’s imprint on the social media landscape grew accordingly. Its adaptability and widespread use make it a natural destination for producers and viewers in search of engaging, entertaining content on a wide range of topics, from comedy to social commentary to educational resources and beyond.

It’s no surprise that companies want to take advantage of the platform’s popularity to reach the platform’s wide and young audience, which includes the next generation of business leaders.

Ignoring the Fashion and Culture of TikTok

When promoting your business on TikTok, it’s crucial that you respect the platform’s distinctive culture and aesthetic. Producing original content that is well received by the TikTok community requires the use of catchy music and visual effects, as well as the incorporation of humour and the latest trends.

The Repurposing of Artistic Resources

Do not attempt to repurpose non-original creative assets in your TikTok videos. The platform should always come first when making a TikTok video. Creative assets that were originally developed as Instagram Reels, for example, cannot be repurposed for use on TikTok without significant modification.

To Put The Lead To Rest

Marketers using TikTok should not waste viewers’ time by dragging out their messages. Users with short attention spans who aren’t interested in learning something at the end of a minute-long post will be bored to death on this platform. Written by Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR Group, Inc.

Putting out content that is overly polished and produced

When it comes to using TikTok for marketing purposes, the most common error is to try and replicate the success of Instagram by uploading highly produced, polished, “perfect-feeling,” or recycled content. Real, unedited, raw, radically authentic, and original content performs best on TikTok.

Sharing content that is purely promotional or self-serving

User spamming, or the practise of bombarding users with content that they have no interest in, is strongly discouraged. TikTok users are there to be entertained and to interact with creative content; if a business only posts promotional or self-serving content, it will lose those users and hurt its reputation. For maximum success, businesses should produce material that speaks to the beliefs and passions of their intended customers.

Presenting Your Company in a “Corporate” Perspective

Reusing material from elsewhere is not allowed on TikTok. Even though each channel has its own feel, TikTok encourages originality above all else. The content must be genuine, as the TikTok community values originality and fun above all else. Be genuine and approachable when representing your company. Exhibit a laid-back, fun side of the brand’s character. Quote by Mario Mirabella, MSM Digital

Avoiding revealing who you really are
It’s common knowledge that the typical TikTok user is a teenager. When it comes to authenticity, young people have zero tolerance. To achieve viral status, you need not employ a film crew, lighting experts, or write a script. Be honest. Don’t hide behind your phone — show them who you really are and how your business can help them.

Following the crowd for the sake of it

In order to stand out on TikTok, businesses shouldn’t follow the crowd and join in on the latest challenges or trends. Knowing that your product is not a “cool” or lifestyle product will prevent you from trying too hard to make it seem like one. Always stay true to your brand’s values and voice.

Ignoring Premium Material

It’s a huge omission to run a campaign without allocating funds to promote the paid content you’re distributing. Your campaign can have a significant effect on sales and engagement with the right partner, video format, and boosted content. Copy-and-paste advertising won’t work with millennials and Gen Zers because they value originality.

Imagining Oneself to Be Someone One Is Not

I think companies should be cautious when interacting with the TikTok community. While jumping on a trend’s popularity train can boost brand awareness, realness and authenticity are much more valuable in the long run. Therefore, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Keep in mind the tone that best represents your company. Share information that is useful to your customers and readers; this is the type of material that will most likely get shared.

Forcing a Commercial Message Despite Poor Reception

When promoting your business on TikTok, it’s important to be genuine and not try to force your marketing messages on users. As a result, it’s important to be genuine and authentic in your approach to marketing on TikTok, as users tend to react poorly to content that feels overly promotional or inauthentic.

Sharing Unrelated Material on Social Media

Avoid sharing information that has nothing to do with your brand or your intended audience. Being consistent with your brand and making sure your content resonates with your audience are two of the most important things you can do when using TikTok.

Failing to Thoroughly Screen Both Micro- and Macro-Influencers

Brands and companies need to be very careful with the money they spend on marketing to micro and macro influencers. They must do their homework by looking at things like engagement rates and how well the target demographic fits the content.

Using Aggressive Closing Techniques

If you’re using TikTok to promote your business, don’t come across as too pushy. TikTok’s primary focus is on providing users with fun and interesting content, rather than advertisements. If you use TikTok for marketing purposes, you risk losing followers and customers if you try to sell too much.

Final Thoughts

Before committing to TikTok, make sure it can reach your target demographic and that it is the best platform for your programme. TikTok is competing with other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, so you need to be sure it’s the right choice for your campaign.