The Complete Guide To Instagram TV(IGTV)

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You may now watch videos on Instagram!

Instagram’s version of the “long form” video.

Instagram’s long-form vertical videos, which may be anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour in length, are now available to the public and serve as a YouTube replacement for one of the most popular social networking sites.

To learn more about IGTV and how to incorporate it into your social media marketing strategy, check out Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, as he makes the official announcement.

The service may be downloaded independently on Apple and Google devices.

It was designed to help content producers make the most of Instagram TV’s mobile recording and streaming features.

By integrating the IGTV video app with the main Instagram app, Instagram has created a seamless experience for users and their followers.

It’s the same as posting to Instagram, just on another platform. You may upload IGTV videos directly from the Instagram mobile app or your profile on the Instagram website if you choose not to utilise a third-party app.

I’ll explain both methods here so you can choose between posting from your phone and uploading the video from your computer.

Prerequisites for IGTV

You may learn all you need to know to make a video that will pass muster with IGTV by consulting the IGTV requirements help centre.

Here are a few things you need to know before getting started with IGTV.

The recommended length for an IGTV video is 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

Please be aware that longer videos (up to 60 minutes in length) may only be uploaded by verified and larger accounts using a computer.

IGTV only accepts videos in the MP4 format.

Video Aspect Ratio with IGTV Video Size
Aspect ratios between 4:5 and 9:16 are recommended for vertical (not landscape) videos.

Please note that in order to see landscape videos in full screen on IGTV, users must rotate their phones horizontally.

Video lengths of 10 minutes or shorter are limited to a 650MB maximum file size. Videos up to 60 minutes in length have a 5.4GB file size limit.

Videos from IGTV

Instagram’s main goal is to give its users with enjoyable experiences.

This means Instagram has the option to delete videos that violate its Community Guidelines.

You can report something as a possible violation of our standards if you find it.

Mobile IGTV upload instructions

Like I said before, Instagram has its own dedicated app for sharing IGTV videos called IGTV. If you don’t want to install an additional app on your phone, you may also submit videos directly from Instagram.

Creating an IGTV channel is the first step towards sharing videos directly from the Instagram app:

Directly from Instagram or IGTV:

  • Launch the IGTV app by tapping the TV icon in the top right corner of Feed.
  • Click the cogwheel symbol to the right of Search IGTV to set up your channel.
  • Select the Channel you want to create and click the button.
  • Finally, in the pop-up windows, select the option to “Create Channel.”

on add your first video on IGTV, follow these steps:

  • Under “IGTV,” you’ll find:
  • To access your profile, select the profile icon that displays to the right of Search IGTV while viewing the popover for your channel.
  • Select a video from your Phone’s Camera Roll (iOS) or Android’s Gallery, hit Next, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Select a still from the video to serve as the cover (or select a picture from your gallery) and then hit Next.
  • Give it a name and some context.
  • Select the ‘Post’ button.

What you need to know about IGTV

Keep in mind that, at the moment, IGTV only works on mobile devices. The Instagram app for iOS or Android is required in order to view IGTV content.

In the next few days, Instagram will roll out a new feature to all users that will let them to access the IGTV area of the app by clicking a TV icon in the upper right corner.
Keep in mind that you will get a notification similar to the one displayed above whenever one of your friends or people that you follow posts an IGTV video.

You may view videos posted by the individuals you’re following, as well as other videos posted by Instagram users, in the IGTV area. Choose from “For You,” “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching” to explore other categories.

You may also share films with your friends and receive feedback from them via Direct.

IGTV: How to Use It

Instagram has made a number of exciting announcements aimed at expanding the revenue opportunities available to the platform’s community of video makers and influencers.

And of course, talk back to services like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok that also host video content.
Create an Instagram Story with an IGTV video

How cool is that?

This function really floored me.

The IGTV video may now be used in other contexts, taking your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Share the video on your Instagram stories to give your followers a taste of IGTV without having to leave your tale.
Send Live Instagram Stories to IGTV.

With this update, users may now publish live-streamed movies directly to their Instagram feed.

This implies that the live videos will be available to viewers for much longer than 24 hours, since they will be archived in the IGTV section of your Instagram profile.

Here’s how to upload an Instagram livestream to IGTV after the broadcast has ended:

When you’re done with the broadcast, press Share to IGTV at the screen’s bottom.